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We strive to serve as your competent and reliable partner in business. Our friendly and attentive staff is looking forward to serving you.


Jeff Williams III


Phone: (713) 690-6888

Email: jeffwiii@profwldgsply.com

De Edwin Williams

VP-Operation: Houston

Phone: (713) 690-6888

Email: dw@proweldingsupply.com

Mike Brooks

VP-Operation: Tomball

Phone: (832) 698-7777

Email: mbrooks@proweldingsupply.com

Ricky M. Counce

VP-Sales Houston/Tomball

Phone: (832) 459-2484

Email: rcounce@proweldingsupply.com

Shelley Williams

Billing Manager- A/P manager: Houston

Phone: (713) 690-6888

Email: shelleyw@proweldingsupply.com

Patricia Kettlewell

Accounting manager: Houston

Phone: (713) 690-6888

Email: pat_k@proweldingsupply.com

Susie Counce

Purchasing manager: Houston

Phone: (713) 690-6888

Email: susiec@proweldingsupply.com

Cindy Weathers

Accounts Receivable: Houston

Phone: (713) 690-6888

Email: cindyw@proweldingsupply.com

Rachel Freitag

Billing assistant: Houston

Phone: (713) 690-6888

Email: rachelf@proweldingsupply.com

James Taylor

Inside Sales: Houston

Phone: (713) 690-6888

Email: jtaylor@proweldingsupply.com

Gerardo Sanchez

Inside Sales/distribution: Houston

Phone: (713) 713-690-6888

Email: gsanchez@proweldingsupply.com

Wade Wills

Inside Sales: Tomball

Phone: (832) 698-7777

Email: wwills@proweldingsupply.com

Jeremy Soper

Outside Sales: Houston/Tomball

Phone: (713) 690-6888

Email: jsoper@proweldingsupply.com

Phil Montez

Outside Sales: Houston

Phone: (832) 840-4805

Email: pmontez@proweldingsupply.com

Tony Turner

Outside Sales: Houston

Phone: (713) 853-7480

Email: tturner@proweldingsupply.com

Derek Breaux

Outside Sales: Houston

Phone: (713) 853-7480


Kim Edmunds

Office Manager-Accounts Receivable: Tomball

Phone: (832) 698-7777

Email: kime@proweldingsupply.com

Alesha Green

AR Administrative Assistant: Tomball

Phone: (832) 698-7777

Email: aroffice@proweldingsupply.com

Where to Find Us:

Professional Welding Supply

3000 Brittmoore Bldg. B
Houston, TX 77043


Hours are Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm

Saturdays 8:30am to 1pm

Phone: (713) 690-6888

Fax: (713) 690-2363

What's new

Our location in Tomball, Tx.

503 E. Main St.

Tomball, Tx 77375


Is now carrying steel!!!!!!!!!!!!

and is also open on Saturday


8:00am - 12:00pm


Phone: (832) 698-7777

Fax: (832) 698-7778


Professional Welding Supply

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